Local Farms & Food Markets


Taste the ripest mangos, smell the most fragrant basils, and feast your eyes in a kaleidoscope of nature’s colours – straight from the source. We work closely alongside local farmers and markets to bring you the freshest produce of the island, and organise visits for you to get to know the people behind every catch […]

Private Dining


Savour in a one-of-kind dining experience. Upon request, our passionate chefs will tailor private dinings to suit your needs with the freshest produce handpicked from local farms and artisans.

Cooking Lessons


Embark on a gastronomic journey and return amused. Tantalise your tastebuds with some of Thailand and the world’s exotic and ambrosial flavours.

Music & Movement


Dance to the beat of your own drum as we groove to the rising of the sun, or howl to the calling of the moon.

Culture In Motion


If adventure is for the heart, and wellness is for the body, then culture is for the soul. We curate cultural tours that feed your soul that will leave you yearning for more.

Anaia Spa


Achieve equilibrium of body, mind, and spirit. Our bespoke therapies combine traditional and innovative practices to counteract the stressors of today’s fast-paced lifestyle to have you feeling healed and renewed.

Curated Experience


Fulfill your pursuit for wanderlust by exploring all that is offered at Anaia.

Your Body, Your Temple


Revitalise your energy and reconnect with your innermost self. Feed your body with nutrients and your soul with nurture – let Anaia be the catalyst of your rejuvenation.

Journey Inward


Immerse in the energy of the magical environment around you and re-align your wellness goals with assistance from our resident experts and eminent practitioners.

The Open Waters


Explore the world‘s most beautiful diving destination from above or below. Charter your private boat and sail away into the sunset while enjoying unforgettable moements with your loved ones.